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Windows Store To GO 0

Windows Store To GO

By default the Windows store is disabled on Windows To Go. However by using the group policy editor you can enable the Windows Store on Windows To Go. 1. Op the group policy editor...

How to get your tweets in RSS 0

How to get your tweets in RSS

There are many applications available that give you the ability to read and post tweets on twitter. But I never started using one on a regular basis. I think this is because all the...

What is a browser? 0

What is a browser?

Recently some folks at Google asked pedestrians on Times Square in New York if they can explain what a browser is. The result was quite disappointing, no one really could give a good explanation.

Gmail to Google Docs 0

Gmail to Google Docs

For the last year or so I’m using Gmail as my email client. It is a great pleasure to have all email conversation online and always available. But Gmail is not intended to be...

Moving a physical server to Hyper-V 0

Moving a physical server to Hyper-V

A few years ago I started using virtual machines for testing purposes and running none critical servers. All of these servers started there lives as a Virtual Machine. None of them have ever run...

The Daily Dilbert 1

The Daily Dilbert

In the sidebar I have added a gadget that shows “The Daily Dilbert“. Dilbert is a comic strip that appears on the internet and in numerous magazines. For the folks in the Netherlands, Dilbert...

Use your iPhone abroad 0

Use your iPhone abroad

When using your iPhone abroad you may experience difficulties when using GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/UMTS. This can be resolved by entering the APN settings of your provider. The links below are from a dutch forum thread that...